About Us

The road map for The Community Preparatory Academy (CPA) starts with the beliefs of a vast mission and vision:

The Mission of Community Preparatory Academy

The mission of the Community Preparatory Academy is to provide a safe and disciplined learning environment where all students attain the self-confidence, motivation, organizational skills and problem-solving ability to think beyond the 5th – 8th Grade walls toward matriculation in institutions of higher learning.

The Vision of Community Preparatory Academy

The vision of Community Preparatory Academy is to develop a cadre of leaders equipped with civic awareness and financial acumen to be successful in a global society.

CPA will explore and implement a stellar educational plan that demonstrates competency and compliance.
Community engagement is paramount as CPA navigates to be the “difference”.

The academic goals for CPA students are:

Students learn in a nurturing environment that promotes fluency, problem solving, reasoning, communication, representation and making connections.